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Through restorative therapies and chiropractic care, you can live a full, active life again - pain free, or at a minimum with diminished pain. Here are a few experiences our customers have to say. 

    I went from use of a walker, which I used for years, to a cane and with less pain. (Note:  Wade is treated with the Aspen Class IV Laser)

    Wade, Mount Vernon

    Had surgery on my finger. Scar tissue has built up causing the finger to be tight and uncomfortable 24/7. Some days there was horrible pain. Dr. Barone used the Aspen Laser for a few minutes and for the first time in a very long time, my finger felt normal for over a week. 

    Alice, Mount Vernon

    The first treatment (in the Theralight 360),  I had noticed my arthritic joints in my hands popping and instantly moving better. By my seventh, I noticed my torn Achilles tendon injury no longer had a bump and the pain was gone. My skin has also shown an improvement. My back and shoulders are they best they’ve ever been!

    Tamy, Sedro-Woolley

    If you suffer from hypervigilance, this will pertain to you. If not, it may not make sense. My hypervigilance was spinning out of control, to the point of debilitation. Dr. Barone said he had a new laser therapy he wanted to try on me. On my way home after, I noticed that the hamster wheel in my stomach had stopped. I have never in my life experienced a medical treatment that had this dramatic and rapid of a response. I’ve been back for follow up – so far, so good. 

    Barney, La Conner

    I first started seeing Dr. Barone about 18 years ago. I was very skeptical and wasn’t sure a chiropractor would help. I was barely able to stand without pain, even sitting was painful. I had to try something else. He warned me it would be painful at first. Not the adjustments, but my hips were out of whack. One side was ¼ higher than the other. I have kept up on maintenance appointments and am doing great!

    Yvonne, Mount Vernon

    I had experienced sharp, intense pain in my lower back that was affecting my wellbeing. After my first session with Dr. Barone, I felt significantly better. After each session, I noticed less pain and more comfort. I also noticed more mental clarity and that I had more energy after receiving the photobiomodulation therapy. Overall, I feel incredibly better.

    Lorlei, Burlington

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