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When your foot and ankle bones are misaligned, stress is placed on other parts of the body, such as your back, neck, shoulders and hips. Pre-fab orthotics help realign your body, relieving knee, foot and lower back pain so you can walk normally. 

Foot orthotics also cushion your feet, provide comfort, support your arches, and evenly distribute your body weight to eliminate pressure on your feet

How Do Orthotics Work?

Foot orthotics are specially-­made devices that precisely match the contours of your feet and are designed for the way you move. They can be worn daily, during most activities, and help alleviate 

  • discomfort relating to walking,
  • imbalances in the body,
  • joint and other pain from misalignment.

We can prescribe pre-fab orthotics, which will last you about a year in most cases. You can pick up over-the-counter shoe inserts at most drugstores. However, they lack the custom­-built precision of a professionally-built orthotic. The “one­-size-­fits­-all" inserts rarely match your feet well or provide the customized support you need.

If you would like more information about whether you would be a good candidate for pre-fab orthotics, schedule an evaluation by Dr. Barone. 

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